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Hi, I'm Breanna!

I struggled my entire childhood & most of my adult life being overweight, being picked on & hating my body.

I hopped from diet to diet & began battling one eating disorder after the other. With all of these toxic habits, I not only had to rebuild a relationship with food but I had to reverse all of the bad habits I had formed & completely change my mindset. The good, the bad & the ugly. 

Through much trial & error & self educating, I went on to lose 60 pounds AND I've easily kept it off.

I am now a successful Weight Loss Coach, certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Life Coach & Personal Trainer. I am now the most confident, thriving best version of myself & it is my mission to help others do the same!

I am very passionate about helping women just like me, who struggle with their relationship with food & lose weight without any diets or restriction & learn to love their body from the inside out.

As a fully qualified & accredited weight loss coach, I firmly believe in the power & of food & healing our body from within. 

Each person's journey is uniquely different. You will not get a generic prepared program. Instead, your program is tailored for you based on your struggles, & the transformation you desire.

 What's holding you back? In my experience, it's not money, it's not the timing, it's you! Self doubt can be a real b*tch. We are the only things in our own way.

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