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T1 Tequila Where To Buy 'LINK'

This tequila reminds me of the good old days when you would take a shot or two or three and suck on pieces of lemon and then you could sleep like a baby later on in the evening. This must be a very good quality tequila considering the price and very smooth.

t1 tequila where to buy

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In order to be called tequila, this spirit distilled from the juices blue agave must be made in specific regions of Mexico, most prominently Jalisco and the town of tequila. While no tequilas are produced in the United States, we wanted to find the best craft tequila brands available in the country, and to do so, we asked a pair of tequila experts to nominate their favorites for our readers to vote on.

The agave fields, distillery and bottling facility for Embajador Tequila are all located Atotonilco in Los Altos de Jalisco, where a blend of traditional and modern techniques produce double-distilled Blanco, Reposado and Añejo tequilas. Embajador has an Extra Añejo, aged for a minimum of three years, in the works.Photo courtesy of Embajador Tequila

Suerte Tequila purchased their own distillery to hand-make their distinctive tequilas using many old-world processes, such as low temperature cooking and juicing with a traditional stone mill, called a Tahona. Suerte produces four tequilas, from the Blanco rested in stainless steel tanks to the EXTRA Añejo, double-distilled and aged in charred American oak for six years.Photo courtesy of Suerte Tequila

DesMaDre Tequila crafts their spirits from 100-percent mature blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco. Relatively new to the scene, this double-distilled tequila comes un-aged as a Blanco or barrel-aged as a Reposado or Añejo. The tequilas are distilled at Casa Ramirez Distillery (NOM 1519).Photo courtesy of DesMaDre Tequila

Widely available yet little known in the United States, Siete Leguas works from their own distillery where they craft five distinctive tequilas using a combination of old and modern techniques. After being slow-steamed and cooked in custom ovens, juice from the agave "piñas" is extracted using a traditional stone mill pulled by mules. Photo courtesy of Jude Goergen / Siete Leguas

Made from hand-selected agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Dulce Vida Tequila produces the world's only USDA-certified organic 100-proof tequila. The tequila makers take a hands-on approach, and all tequilas are produced in the village of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario (NOM 1443).Photo courtesy of Dulce Vida Tequila

While the twice-distilled tequilas from Tequila Don Modesto share a distillery with several other brands, the owner is personally involved in the tequila-making process, as he's allergic to many additives found in other tequilas. Don Modesto tequilas are organic and made with no additives or artificial coloring.Photo courtesy of Tequila Don Modesto

T1 Tequila Blanco is a Mexican liquor classified as silver tequila. It has 40% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is offered in 750 ml at Drinks Vine online liquor store. We offer you affordable prices and regular offers coupled with free delivery in Nairobi and environs.

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If you like T1 Tequila Blanco be sure to take a look at the related items section or check out products like the sierra silver, don julio blanco, patron silver, jose cuervo silver. Explore the entire collection of silver tequila types in kenya and the complete list of Mexican tequila in our store.

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All the varieties T1 Tequila Uno are made from 100% mature Agave Azul grown in the Mexican Highlands, which tend to produce plants with higher concentrations of natural sugar. "I wanted to make a tequila using traditional methods, with mature agave and no additives," says Master Distiller Germán Gonzalez, who personally inspects each agave plant before it is harvested.

Orders shipping via the Saver rate (where available) take approximately 5-7 days to have local carrier tracking assigned. Once tracking is assigned, your order should be delivered within 5-7 business days. We are unable to guarantee a specific delivery date. The carrier will attempt delivery three times before it is returned to sender. If an additional delivery attempt is need, an additional delivery fee will be required.

Before we take a deep dive into the world of tequila, find out more about the terminology you should know about tequila and our selection process for drawing up the best tequila brands in the world.

All tequilas must be distilled twice to class as tequila officially, but Corralejo takes it one step further with a triple distillation method. The brand uses a copper pot still, then a column still method, and finally, through the copper pot one more time before bottling and selling its tequila.

Grand Mayan is an exciting tequila that proves that, sometimes, appearances are spot on after all. It has won awards both for taste and presentation over the last few years and promises an extraordinary, smooth-tasting drink served in a beautiful bottle.

There might be a fairly wide range of flavored tequilas on the market, but by far, the best comes from Tanteo. The brand was founded in 2009 and prides itself on creating infused, 100% agave spirits.

Tanteo produces award-winning artisanal tequilas in a class of its own. It uses blanco tequila with fresh peppers infused by hand in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico, resulting in a delicious and unique tequila to sample at least once.

The Tanteo Cocoa is exactly that: a chocolate-infused tequila that combines the traditional flavor notes of the spirit with a savory heat from peppers and a sweet note from the natural chocolate extracts.

There are endless options for food pairings that work well with tequila. There are around 600 possible aromas to be found inside a bottle (in comparison to about 150 in a bottle of wine), which makes tequila the perfect spirit to enjoy alongside a wide variety of dishes. Not sure where to start? Try pairing your tequila with chorizo, dark chocolate, ceviche, or roasted tomato-based dishes.

In order to do such a thing, Dos Lunas takes a lot of care over the production of its spirits. It has the first triple-distilled silver tequila and avoids the use of off-site bottlers, preferring to do everything from scratch itself. It promises its agave to be from herbicide and pesticide-free fields and its tequila to be free from glycerin and calcium chloride, commonly found in other brands.

Casa Dragones is a brand that focuses entirely on producing sipping tequilas that are both exceptional in quality and interesting to taste. Its ultra-premium, small-batch tequila comes in a numbered and hand-signed bottle.

The art of tequila-making starts long before the distillation process. The spirit is made from agave, a spiky Mexican plant resembling a cactus. There are 166 different varieties of this botanical, and 125 of them can be found in Mexico. But only one, the Agave Tequilana Were Azul or Blue Agave, can be used to produce tequila. The plant needs to be harvested during particular points of the year for best results and registered with the Tequila Regulatory Council in order to be used for tequila legally.

Extra Añejo: This term was only introduced in 2006 and refers to tequilas that have been aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels. These are rarer bottles and come at a higher price point due to the aging process.

Gold/Oro: Mixto tequilas that have added colorings. These tequilas come at a lower price point, and the addition of artificial colorings is done to simulate the color created from aged tequila.

Jimador: The name or term given to a farmer who grows and harvests the agave plants for tequila. The role is often passed down through generations, and the Jimador is able to tell the precise moment when the agave is ripe and ready for harvesting.

Distilleries know that modern drinkers expand their palates beyond one single category. This has led to some interesting crossovers, like whiskey aged in wine or beer barrels, or wine aged in ex-bourbon. It has also seen tequilas spending time in whiskey barrels, like the new t1 Tequila Uno Sensacional.

This 84-proof extra-añejo tequila is aged for three and a half years in ex-scotch barrels. A 750-ml bottle of Sensacional retails for $119, and is available at liquor stores, restaurants and bars in New Orleans, Charleston, San Antonio and in central and south Florida. I recently had opportunity to chat with its Master Distiller, German Gonzalez (pictured above), about the technique of scotch-aging tequila:

BD: What gave you the idea to age tequila in scotch barrels?GG: That is something that I learned from my father. He knew how important the wood was in order to create an aged product without losing the agave elements of the tequila.

For the aged tequila fan- German Gonzalez' t1 Anejo called "Estelar" is hard to beat. T1 recently started selling in New York, and for under $55 it's Simply Amazing. It is dark, rich and delicious. It has a dry, cognac/oaky, fruity and chocolate taste and not loaded with vanilla and caramel... it's my kind of anejo. Most people know the story, that German Gonzalez is the great grandson of General Manuel Gonzalez, who was a former President of Mexico, and that German's father Guillermo, in the late 1970's launched what would become the first ultra-premium tequila imported into the United States- Chinaco. German worked closely with his father and learned how to handcraft tequila using traditional techniques. German left Chinaco after years of being its master distiller, so it's obvious that German Gonzalez has the pedigree and experience be the creative tequila maker, that he is. Lucky for us. 041b061a72


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