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Christian Davis
Christian Davis

Buy Cape Dress Online India

"Elegance is first and foremost an attitude," says our designer, who translates that into her designs so elegantly. This black cape dress is cut from lustrous georgette & edges trimmed with dual tonal square share sequins in shade of silver & gold and has a cape-effect overlay that floats as you move across the room. This black dress complements every skin tone.

buy cape dress online india

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If you are looking for styles that are totally ethnic and rooted in Indian tradition and culture, Indya is definitely the most preferred online store for festival ethnic wears. The attractive fusion beat tops will make sure you hog all the spotlight. Whereas the ethnic bottoms wear for girls are great options for office meetings and parties. Wear them with fashionable peplum tops and style your look with a clutch and corset heel sandals. Buy festival ethnic wear online in India to get fantastic discounts, exclusive deals and offers. As you shop online for ethnic pants on Indya, you can also take a look and buy ethnic wear dresses to match up. Plus, the availability of size is not an issue here; we have sizes ranging from extra small to small, medium to large and extra large to double extra large.

Women [of the court] wear three kinds of wrappers [traverse] from the waist down, one down to the heel, the second shorter, the third shorter yet, each one fringed, tied diagonally, and slit in front: from breast to waist they are dressed in a doublet, and all these garments are made of palm cloth, and over their shoulders a cape of the same material. They walk around with faces uncovered and with a little cap similar to men's. Middling women dress in the same way, but of cheaper cloth, and slaves and low-class women are apparelled only from the waist down, otherwise going naked.

Brainchild of model/activist Amber Valletta, Master & Muse is a trusted online hub for designers and makers who put craftsmanship and sustainability first. Perfect example: through the strategic use of interchangable modules, this shift dress is actually 4 garments in one. 041b061a72


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