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Egyptian Pharmacopoeia: A Source of Natural Remedies for Health and Wellness - Herbal Academy

pharmacopeia of egypt (phe) is the pharmacopoeia of egypt and includes the egyptian traditional medicine (eritam) and its related practice (erita). it is published by the ministry of health and population (mohp), and it is divided into six books: book 1, general information on the faiyum desert and its medical plants; book 2, general information on drugs and medical plants; book 3, medicinal plants, herbs and additives; book 4, drugs, pharmaceutics and clinical examination; book 5, drugs, manufacturers and their products; book 6, biological products, vaccines, gene therapy and the pharmaceutical industry. the pharmacopeia of egypt is available in arabic, english, french, and spanish.

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arabic pharmacopoeia (ap) is a pharmacopoeia of medicines and pharmaceutical preparations whose basic unit of measure is the dose and which prescribes analytical methods and standards of identity, purity and strength. it was established in the year 2012.

the chinese pharmacopoeia is a guide for the quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal plants, animals, and their products. it is published by the state drug administration of the peoples republic of china.

the eighteenth edition of the pharmacopoeia is the latest version of the pharmacopoeia and the official international standard for quality and purity of pharmaceutical products. it replaced the earlier standard, the international pharmacopoeia, which was in effect since 1951. the pharmacopoeia is published by the world health organization (who), which is based in geneva. the pharmacopoeia also works in close collaboration with other standardization bodies such as the european directorate for the quality of medicines (edqm) and the international organization for standardization (iso). in particular, the pharmacopoeia is also a member of the international pharmacopoeia council (ipc) which is a key stakeholder in the process of developing new standards for pharmaceutical quality and safety. the pharmacopoeia, which is published in english and french, is published in both print and electronic form. the text of the eight edition is about 18,000 pages.


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