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The following are available online -273X/9/10/509/s1. Figure S1: Ex vivo fluorescence of the lung, 60 min after the i.v. administration of 0.5 mg FITC-HPBCD. Figure S2: In vivo fluorescence and X-ray imaging of FITC-HPBCD treated mice.

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Mengel E, Pineda M, Hendriksz CJ, Walterfang M, Torres JV, Kolb SA: Differences in Niemann-Pick disease Type C symptomatology observed in patients of different ages. Molecular genetics and metabolism 2016; available online Dec. 6. In press.

25C-NBOMe (NBOMe-2C-C, 2C-C-NBOMe, Cimbi-82) is a psychedelic drug and derivative of the psychedelic phenethylamine 2C-C. 25C-NBOMe appeared on online vendor sites in 2010 but was not reported in the literature until 2011.[1] It acts as a potent agonist of the 5HT2A receptor,[2] and has been studied in its 11C radiolabelled form as a potential ligand for mapping the distribution of 5-HT2A receptors in the brain, using positron emission tomography (PET).[1][3] Multiple deaths have occurred from usage of 25C-NBOMe due to the ease of accidental overdose. The long-term toxic effects of the drug have not been researched. 041b061a72


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