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Lovers Rings: What you need to know

Veretta or Eternity or Riviera Another ring popularly used to propose is the veretta, riviera or Etenity. It is comprised of a metal band, usually white gold, with a continuous line of gemstones (usually diamonds, but not always), it can consist of 5 tiny diamonds that can be a complete circumference of precious stones (sometimes called Riviera).

It can also be composed of two rows of stones, which are often looking like an Elizabethan crown. If the diamonds set don't cover the entire circumference, but rather a small portion (also to make it more comfortable to wear) it is called half-eternity. It is also known as half turn or half veretta.

The name implies it is a symbol of love that never ends. It is often used as an anniversary ring for important milestones, such as 10 years of marriage.

Matching Necklaces, also known as Fede is the most well-known wedding ring. Usually, a smooth metal band in yellow gold. The width, thickness and curvature differ. Some people choose white gold, or a band adorned with diamonds. The wedding date and names of the couples are often engraved inside. It is usually placed on the left finger, however in Central-Eastern Europe, and also in the Iberian Peninsula (except Catalonia) it is worn on the right.

Beyond customs and religious convictions It is now common to wear it by both spouses.

Toi et Moi or Contrarie A ring with two similar stones that meet one in front of the other. They are not always identical however, and their location will make it clear that we're talking about different people who cross paths and complement one another. It is an indication of the unbreakable love between two people and was made famous by Napoleon who gave his future wife Josephine the ring with the words "You and me forever" which is the reason for the increasing popularity of this exquisite and original ring. This ring is perfect for experimenting with design and style because the stones are diverse and can have strong contrasts but also harmony and balance. Sometimes, the tops are designed as snake heads. The key is to emphasize the duality and harmony.

Trinity It was designed by Louis Cartier in 1924 and since then it has become extremely popular and copied. It is composed of three metal bands: rose gold for love, yellow gold for commitment and white gold for friendship (initially made from platinum) which cross.

The Trinity has a significance in the religion of Christianity, and its name (Holy Trinity) certainly reflects this. In Russia, the Trinity ring has always been the wedding ring that is worn on the right.

Trilogy should not be confused with the trinity that we have just seen. It is a single ring with three stones, which is usually diamonds. In addition to representing the financial capacity of the fiance it is also a crucial commitment to love. The three stones represent love forever that is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Translated into the language of lovers this means I'm in love with you I love you, and I will cherish you. If it's made of diamonds, it's also an irresistible, long-lasting, unbreakable relationship.

Couples who marry in a church often do so because of the religious significance that goes with it. That is, the Trinity: Father Son, Holy Spirit who will bless the wedding.

The number 3 is also a highly symbolism number. It is associated with love, strength, and the purity of life.

All of these rings lend themselves to design interpretations and mixes, for example the trilogy can be viewed as an amalgamation of a riviera and a solitaire. It could also feature smaller stones on the entire band, for example an eternity.

The trinity is made up of small stones like three intertwined rings. Solitaires can be crowned by diamonds.

I hope you enjoy this article. I learned a great deal, as I had no knowledge of engagement and wedding rings. I had to conduct extensive research.

In doing so, I discovered and rediscovered numerous things that I had been unable to recall (below are the sources I used to get the information if you want to learn more) and in fact the post was meant to be a single piece of information, but instead it wasn't.


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