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Download Way Down We Go by Kaleo - The Song That Everyone Is Talking About

The song was used in the movie Collateral Beauty,[65] in a trailer for the movie Logan,[66] in the trailer for the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black,[67] as well as the shows Suits, Supergirl, Manifest, The Blacklist, Notorious, Lucifer,[68] Grey's Anatomy, Teen Wolf,[69] Blindspot,[70] Eyewitness, This Is Us, Frequency[71] and The Vampire Diaries,[72] an advertisement for Boots UK,[73] Riverdale,[74] NCIS and was featured in the sports video games FIFA 16 and FIFA 23.[75][76]A remix of the song was also played by EDM artist Lost Frequencies during his set at Tomorrowland in 2018. It is also available as DLC for the game Rocksmith 2014.

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Way Down We Go Lyrics: Way Down We Go song is sung by Kaleo while the lyrics of this English song are penned down by the JJ Julius Son. The way down we go song is a rock type song. The song is from the album of the same name i.e Way Down We Go which is released in the year 2015.

As part of a frenetic swing around the state, Mr. Feingold breezed into a storefront office on Main Street here on Friday to thank and hug and brag on volunteers who were dialing their way down lists of likely voters as skies grew dark and a box of doughnut holes was emptied.

Night was settling down over the mountainside. Already the valleys far belowwere lost in darkness. The massive fortresswhich the dwellers on the island of Haiti havealways called the Citadel hung like a mountaincliff above a boy who, hot from climbing, hadthrown himself on a bed of moss at the foot of agnarled mahogany tree.

He broke short off to stare. A curious thingwas happening. Out from a small dark openingsome forty feet up the perpendicular wall of themassive abandoned fortification, something quiteindistinct in the twilight had moved and wascreeping slowly down the moss-grown wall.

The whole thing was over in a space of timenot measured by seconds, yet Johnny had seenit all. The native, his eyes distorted by fright,had leaped backward and down. Turning acomplete somersault, he had gone speeding toearth, twenty feet below.

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When the native emperor, the magnificentChristophe, was at the height of his power, thisrope of gold had been strung through loops ofsilver all the way down the sides of the massivesteps that led up to his palace. A hundred feetlong it was. When rolled up it required two mento carry it. When revolution threatened, so thestory ran, the emperor had hidden the rope awayin the Citadel and there it remained to this day.But where?

Without thinking much about what he wasdoing, he took down the drum, which was a threefoot section of a hollowed-out log with a goatskin strung across one end, placed it between hisknees and gave it two quick, sharp blows withhis hand.

Johnny Thompson was no weakling.He was a football player and a lightweightboxer of no mean ability. He had lived clean andtaken good care of the physical side of his beingas every boy should. When the unseen personseized him so suddenly from behind he was downbut not out by any manner of means. With adeft twist he freed himself from the grasp of hisunknown adversary, and, leaping to his feet,struck out with his right and left with the bestof results. His clenched fists landed with dullthwacks. There followed the sound of a heavybody staggering backward into the brush.

His steps were a trifle unsteady at first. Hishead hurt. As his blood warmed, he got thebetter of this and in due time walked into anilluminated circle which was the light of his owncamp fire, to exclaim as he dropped down besidethree shadowy figures:

He sat down to think. Here indeed was apredicament. Neither Curlie nor Dorn knewwhere he had gone. He would not be able to getout by himself. When he did not return theywould search for him. But in that vast pile ofbrick and stone what chance was there of beingfound? In its day it had been the most massivefort in the western hemisphere. Ten thousandtroops had been quartered there. There werehundreds of holes and caverns, dungeons andpassages to be searched.

A quarter of an hour later Curlie Carson cametiptoeing silently through the shadows. Hepaused for a moment to look down at the sleepers,gave vent to a low whistle of surprise upon seeingthat Johnny was gone, then stood for a momentas if in deep thought.

He had accepted the proffered aid. He hadclimbed the rope ladder. What else was there todo? The native who looked down upon him, whoearlier in the night had looked in upon CurlieCarson at his work, might be a villain. Whatof it? If he had cared to he might have murderedJohnny, then closed up the hole in thefortress roof. That he had not chosen to do sowas in his favor.

Here a surprised covey of wild parrots flewscreaming away, and there some strange creaturewent scampering down his path. Here he narrowlyavoided stepping on a great lizard asleepin the trail, and there a yellow snake with greeneyes that gleamed horribly in the night causedhim to start and shudder.

At last, at a place some five miles from theCitadel, where two trails crossed at a sharpangle, he came to an abrupt halt to bend downand examine the loose, dry soil. Dropping onhands and knees he followed the other trail for adistance of fifty yards or more. Coming uponthe dry bed of a stream, he halted. There, to allappearance, he found what he sought.

What was there back of their actions? Hadthey been sent? If so who had sent them andwhy? All down the centuries since Columbusset the ensign of Spain upon these newly discoveredshores, such procedures as this had comeabout. A queen of some distant tribe takes afancy to some gallant young Spaniard. Shesends a band of men for him. He is brought,whether he wills it or not, to the court. There,in time he is showered with riches and made aking.

He found ripe bananas in a little run belowthe house. Half content with this sparse supplyof food, he sat down to listen. Nor did he listenlong. From above him, on the sloping hillsidewhich had once been a badly cleared cornfield,there came a sound much like a shrill scream.

There were dry branches to be had from thetrees in the nearest run. These were rapidly convertedinto a heap of glowing coals. Lacking akettle for boiling his fowl, Johnny first pluckedoff the feathers then rolled it in a two inch coatof red clay. After that he buried it, clay andall, beneath a great mound of glowing coals andsat down to await results.

As he lay down to sleep on that narrow shelfbeneath the rafters, he tried to imagine the naturesof those who had slept there before him.Their images did not linger long for he was soonlost in slumber.

One thing he did not need to be told. Theyhad not been scouting down the trail for a halfhour before he realized that she needed no directingfrom him. She was far better acquainted withthe jungle than he. Once when he hesitated ata forking of the way, she forged straight on. Atanother time she gripped his arm just in time tosave him from a dangerous fall. At this time helearned one more fact; slender girl that she was,there was power in her good right arm. Herswas the grip of a man.

Johnny Thompson did not in the leastmind being lost. Truth was he got much joyfrom it. The sky was so blue, the morning air,as he left the abandoned native home, so crispand balmy, he felt like singing a song.

Directly above her, peering down at her, wasthe smallest, strangest little face she had everseen. The eyes were so wide in question, thebrow so wrinkled, the whole expression so broadlyintelligent that for the briefest part of a momentshe was tempted to believe the creature human.He was, she realized at once, a marmoset, one ofthose smallest of monkeys who are so popular aspets among South American ladies of quality.

While he was gone Doris kept her eyes on themonkey, but once when she glanced down atNieta she found to her surprise that she was payingno attention to the monkey. Instead, she hadtaken some curious white objects from a smallleather sack carried by a string round her neckand was whispering to them.

The monkey climbed out on a branch that appearedto hang over a precipice. He seemed atfirst to contemplate a flying leap to the top of atall tree that grew on the lower slope. Thiswould have proven a thrilling spectacle. Doriscaught her breath as he hung there by one foot,looking down. The distance was thirty feet ormore, a straight drop down. Would he do it?Dared he?

A half hour later the boat ground gently ona sandy shore. The mast came down. Therewas the sound of men going ashore. The boatwas drawn farther up on the beach. After thatall was darkness and silence.

So Curlie had gone away down the trail towardthe village of Terre Plaisance. And herehe was sitting across from Dot drinking limeade,talking now and then of matters of no great consequence,and dreaming long dreams in between.

Most of all she wondered about the islandwhich they had reached in such a strange manner.Was it a small island? Was it large?Were there many natives? Were they wild natives?Was it true that some of these nativeswere cannibals? It had been true long ago inthe days of Columbus. Had they changed orhad they clung to their primitive customs downthe long centuries? She thought of Nieta andher snake-tooth charm.

So she wondered and thought, and wonderedagain until the first flush of dawn came siftingdown among the trees. Then Johnny Thompsonrose to shake himself and peer into the dawn.After that they started, the three of them,through that faint but beautiful light that is atropical morning, toward the beach, fortified withbrave hearts, strong bodies and clean mindsagainst that which the day might bring forth.

After that, for a half hour they followed theblack woman through such an intricate maze ofrocks, cliffs, vines and bushes as neither of themhad ever known before. Through it all the oldblack woman never faltered. In the end, aftera final breathless climb of a hundred feet, theyfound themselves looking down upon a scene ofmatchless beauty. Riding high the moon paintedon a glassy sea a path of gold. Rock-ribbed, anarrow bay lay before them. And close in, almostbeneath them, lay a large, full-riggedschooner.


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